About Kata Hot Yoga


Behind the Big Buddha of Phuket lays Kata Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of Phuket surrounded by luscious green trees and palms, with crystal clear water and white sand. The Kata Hot Yoga studio is just footsteps away (30mt / 100ft) from the beach. 

Kata Hot Yoga offers the ultimate hot yoga experience on a unique location. Choose from several daily classes and get strong, fit, and energized during your stay. We work with different teachers from all over the world, ensuring an amazing Bikram yoga experience each time you visit us.

Our classes are designed for beginners, and still challenging for advanced practitioners. All levels are welcome!

Kata Hot Yoga
217 Khoktanod Road, Kata Beach
Phuket, Thailand


About Govert van Lankeren Matthes (Founder)

Govert is originally from The Netherlands and worked as a contractor for many years. After noticing his body was practically always aching from this kind of work, he decided to take a yoga class in his hometown Amsterdam. He found out it really relieved all these aches and started to get more interested in the world of yoga. It only took a while before he decided to start all over and packed his bags to achieve his yoga teacher certificate in Hawaii. With the dream to open his own hot yoga studio he ended up in Phuket, a place he visited before when traveling many years ago. As he wanted to be close to the sea, the space just above the Kata Beach Road was simply perfect. 

In 2009, Kata Hot Yoga was officially open for business and it immediately turned out to be a great success. Both local residents and visiting tourists were hugely attracted to the hot yoga classes. Ever since, many people from different cultures and nationalities have partitioned in the classes and health program.




Visiting Teachers

In addition to Govert, you will find visiting yoga teachers from all around the world. We carefully select these professionals to make sure each time you visit us you have a great and challenging hot yoga practice.